Submission Guidelines for APPLESEEDS magazine for children ages 6-9

General Information

Following are writers' guidelines for APPLESEEDS, a 36-page, multidisciplinary, nonfiction social studies magazine for children ages 6 and up (primarily in grades 3 & 4). Writers are encouraged to study recent APPLESEEDS past copies for content and style. (Sample copies are available at $6.95 plus $2.00 shipping and handling. SAMPLE COPIES WILL NOT BE SENT WITHOUT PREPAYMENT) All material must relate to the theme of a specific upcoming edition in order to be considered.

Editorial Guidelines

We are looking for articles that are lively, age-appropriate, and exhibit an original approach to the theme. Scientific and historical accuracy is extremely important. Authors are urged to use primary sources and up-to-date resources for their research. And remember, your article must stimulate the curiosity of a child. APPLESEEDS purchases all rights to material.

Feature articles:
1-4 pages, (Most editions contain about 10 feature articles.)
Includes: nonfiction, interviews, and how-to

  • Fun Stuff (games or activities relating to the theme, 2 pages)
  • Reading Corner (literature piece, 2-4 pages)
  • By the Numbers (math activities relating to the theme, 1 page)
  • Where in the World (map activities, 2 pages)
  • Your Turn (theme-related opportunities for children to take action, 1 page)
  • Experts in Action (short profile of professional in field related to theme, 1 page)
  • The Artist's Eye (fine or folk art relating to theme, 1 page)
  • From the Source (age-appropriate primary source material, 1-2 pages)

Assume 150 words per page; payment approximately $50 per page

Query Guidelines

Writers may propose an article for any upcoming edition. The article idea must be closely related to the theme. Please include a completed query: write a brief description of your idea, including a list of sources you plan to use, your intended word length, and any unique angle or hook you think will make your piece irresistible to its intended audience (6- to 9-year-olds and their teachers and parents).

Please note that:
  • Each query must be written separately; however, you may email them together.
  • Feel free to include copies of published writing samples with your query if you have not yet written for APPLESEEDS.
  • After the deadline for query proposals has passed, the editors will review the suggestions and assign articles. This may take several months - don't despair! We may suggest modifications to your original proposal or assign an entirely new idea.

Please do not begin work until you've received a detailed assignment sheet from us!


  • Email queries are required. To avoid problems in downloading attachments, always include your query in the body of the email. You may also include attachments if you wish.
  • Queries may be submitted at any time before the deadline, but queries sent well in advance of deadline MAY NOT BE ANSWERED FOR SEVERAL MONTHS.
  • Assignments are made approximately one month before manuscripts are due.
  • Due to the large volume of queries we receive, we are no longer able to notify writers whose queries are not selected for assignment. If you wish to check on the status of your query, please e-mail the editor no earlier than one month after the query due date.

Email queries to Marcia Amidon Lusted:

PLEASE include your mailing address and phone number on any query!

Theme list for 2014 - 2015[query due date]

How the World Works: Skyscrapers [Sept 2014] In our continuing exploration of specialized worlds, a look at skyscrapers from how they are built to how they stay up!


Digging Up Dinos...and More [Oct 2014] The world of archaeologists, who dig up everything from dinosaurs to ancient cities.


Exploring St. Augustine [Nov/Dec 2014]  St Augustine celebrates its 450th anniversary in 2015 as the oldest continually occupied European settlement. A look at St. Augustine in particular, as well as the early Spanish world in North America.


Who Did What in the Industrial Revolution [Jan 2015]  In our continuing series of “who did what” in specific periods, a look at the Industrial Revolution in the United States with a special focus on the role of children.


On the Road with Marco Polo [Feb 2015]  From Venice to the Silk Road to Kublai Khan’s China, the adventures and the world of Marco Polo.


Bird Brains [Mar 2015] 

An exploration of birds and how we live with them, in the tradition of our issues on horses, dogs, cats, and snakes.


Finding Our Way [Apr 2015] 

From GPS to GoogleEarth, from smartphones for humans to tracking chips for dogs—how we navigate the world has changed enormously, and will keep on changing even more.


Declaring Independence [May/June 2015] 

We all know the story of the 4th of July—or do we? Investigations into just how the Declaration of Independence was written and declared.

Check Mate: Chess and Other Games [Jul/Aug 2015] 

A look at games and the people who make them, play them, and win them.


Photo Guidelines

To be considered for publication, photographs must relate to a specific theme. Writers are encouraged to submit available photos with their query or article.

  • Our fees for non-agency professional quality photographs range from $25 to $50/image.
  • Cover fees are set on an individual basis for one-time use, plus promotional use.
  • All cover images are color.
  • Prices set by museums, societies, stock photography houses, etc., are paid or negotiated. Photographs that are promotional in nature (e.g., from tourist agencies, organizations, special events, etc.) are usually submitted at no charge.
  • If you have photographs pertaining to any upcoming theme, please contact the editor by email. You may email low-resolution images for consideration, but please do not mail original non-digital images unless specifically requested to do so.

Updated 10/09/13

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