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The ASK Big Book of Mad Scientists and Alchemy

Uncover the amazing true history of the alchemists, and join the world's most inquisitive people as they tackle nature's deepest mysteries: How big is the Earth? What's the smallest thing that exists? Can we see the edge of the universe? And find the answers to those pesky questions we all wonder about: Is it faster to swim in water or syrup? And where's my invisibility cloak? This engaging collection of favorites from the pages of ASK magazine is brimming with all-true stories, cartoons, and big ideas, lavishly illustrated in full color. Sure to delight, tickle, and inspire the curious child in everyone. Suggested for ages 7 to 10.

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Look Inside The Ask Big Book of Clever Inventions

  • So How Big Is It? How a librarian measured the Earth. Discovering Planet Earth. Galileo's wild idea.
  • Eyes on the Sky. A short history of the telescope.
  • The Puzzle of Pangaea. Tracking continents on the move.
  • Why is Everyone Worried about Global Warming? What happens when the ice melts?
  • Kristin Ladire: Arctic Adventurer. Follow the whales with a narwhal scientist.
  • Cold Scientists. Science in Antarctica
  • The Search for the Small. What's the smallest thing in the world?
  • Where's My Invisibility Cloak? Surprisingly close!
  • You Study What?!? Strange but true stories of scientists in action.
  • Secrets of the Alchemists. Who were they, and what were they up to?
  • The Alchemist's Apprentice. Or, how I learned to make gold.
  • Sneaky Tricks of the Alchemists. Some other ways to make gold.

Plus clever experiments and amusing cartoon commentary throughout!

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Spider world history magazine for kids ages 9 to 14

ASK is a magazine of science and the arts written especially for young thinkers ages 7 to 10, the most curious kids on the planet. Recognized with multiple awards for excellence in children's magazine publishing, ASK explores the universe from microbes to supernovae, and introduces kids to the ideas of great scientists, inventors, and artists of the past and present, while constantly challenging them to think and discover for themselves. Filled with lively, well-written articles, vivid graphics, activities, cartoons, and plenty of humor, Ask is science kids demand to read.

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The ASK Big Book of Clever Inventions eBook for children ages 7 to 10 from Cricket Media

The ASK Big Book of Clever Inventions
Builders, inventors, engineers, dreamers — where would we be without the clever people who came up with the amazing inventions we use every day? You'll meet them all in this engaging collection of favorite stories of inventors and their inventions from the pages of ASK magazine. Brimming with colorful characters, clever devices, cartoons, and big ideas, all lavishly illustrated in full color, this selection is sure to delight, tickle, and inspire the inquisitive child in everyone. Ages 7 to 10

$6.99 in your favorite eBook store

Spider Presents: Short Stories Big Laughs eBook from Cricket Media

Spider Presents: Short Stories, Big Laughs!
Nobody knows big laughs for young readers like the Parents’ Choice Award–winning Spider magazine, a Cricket Magazine Group publication. Short Stories, Big Laughs!, hosted by the hilarious Spider (he’s so cool they named the magazine after him), features 16 of Spider’s funniest original stories and poems, all in marvelous full-color illustration.

Ages 6 to 9

$4.99 in your favorite eBook store

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