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DIG Magazine for Kids ages 9-14

DIG Into History: Each issue is theme-related with a special 10- to 12-page section that focuses on an archaeological discovery or topic related to the issue’s theme. Writers are most often experts in the area as accuracy and up-to-date information are key. The text is always engaging, vivid, and interesting. Geared to our readers, it complements the principles of Common Core and offers a great springboard for discussion, curriculum-related projects, and cross-disciplinary lesson plans. Included in each issue as departments such as Fun with Words (stories about theme-related words and expressions), What’s Wrong Here? (anachronisms in art), Artifacts (an uncovered object with a fascinating tale), Ask Away (reader questions answered by an archaeologist and an historian). Spirited word games and projects further involve readers in the issue’s theme.   

Check out our interactive sampler to see for yourself why the children's magazine DIG won a Parents' Choice Gold Award in 2014.

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Dig Magazine is delivered 9 times per year digitally and by mail.

  • Advertising-free articles about events in world history and the latest archaeological finds and techniques
  • In the Headlines snippets of news, discoveries, and facts from around the world
  • Ask Away! Q&A forum where a real historian and an archaeologist answer kids’ questions
  • Artifacts, The Adventures of Dr. Dig, The Calliope Chronicles and much. much more!

Dig Magazine Subscription for Children: Interactive Sampler

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Check out our interactive sampler to see for yourself why the children's magazine DIG won a Parents' Choice Gold Award in 2014, plus many other awards!

See what other customers are saying about Dig, the archaeology magazine for kids ages 9 to 14, and add your comments!

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Free with each paid subscription to Dig comes access to bonus content on the magazine's companion Web site. At you’ll find a state-by-state guide to archaeological sites and programs, "Fantastic Factoids" about archaeology, recommended links, reader submissions, and, of course, "Ask Dr. Dig."

Past issues - Dig back issues are available individually or as Discovery Theme Pack sets. See our favorite titles or visit the Educators' site for full selection.

Resources for Educators - A FREE teacher's guide for each issue is available at our Educators' site.

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Dig Bundled Subscription and Sand Mandalas Set

Have your child Dig through the sands of time with a Print and Digital subscription to Dig, and the Sands of Mandalas kit!

Dig Magazine

Tombs, mummies, dinosaurs - budding archaeologists ages 9 to 14 are off to new adventures at archaeological sites around the world, where they look over the shoulders of professional archaeologists working in the field to unearth important finds. But not all archaeology takes place at a dig site - DIG also brings readers right into working laboratories and museums to learn about cutting-edge conservation techniques. Interviews with onsite archaeologists give children a well-rounded view what archaeology is really all about.

Sand Mandalas Colored Sand Kit

Mandala, the Sanskrit word for “circle,” is also the name given to the beautiful, concentric cosmic designs that have been created by cultures around the world. This sand-by-numbers kit includes five striking mandala designs—one each from Africa, Asia, America, Oceania, and Europe. The patterns look complicated but are easy to make, using the preprinted images, 16 pots of colored sand, and step-by-step instructions. Work is done inside the kit box for easy, no-fuss cleanup, and the results are stunning!

Pricing includes shipping for Sand Mandalas Colored Sand Kit!

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