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Kids love reading, learning and discovering with Ladybug's Bookshelf, our FREE app for the iPad and iPhone!

Now Available: Max and Kate story pack!

Max and Kate story pack for Ladybug's Bookshelf Kids iPhone App

Our 14 children's magazines have been entertaining and educating kids for generations with fun characters and engaging stories, and now we've brought that same spirit to our iPad and iPhone app for kids ages 2-6. Cricket Magazine Group is recognized around the world for publishing only the very best reading material for kids of all ages, winning more than 30 Parents' Choice Awards over the last three years alone, and our Ladybug's Bookshelf app was designed with the same focus on quality. We are proud to bring you great new content that engages young children in a wholly different way.

Ladybug's Bookshelf Kids iPhone App

LADYBUG magazine reader favorite characters Ladybug, Muddle and Thud welcome kids ages 2-6 into Ladybug's Bookshelf. Kids can engage directly with fresh stories crafted with the same care and quality evident in our children's magazines. While listening to the stories being read by a professional voice, kids will love interacting with the characters on screen and discovering hidden surprises throughout each story. At every turn, the interactive content will keep kids guessing and laughing, all the while absorbing some of the finest children's content available.

Accompanying each of the delightfully interactive stories in Ladybug's Bookshelf is a captivating game built on the concepts and characters found in the narration. Kids will have hours of fun creating a barnyard symphony, coloring a rainbow, or beating Thud to the punch line of his favorite joke, all the while learning about the world around them. Never before have kids had a chance to be as deeply engaged with stories they'll love as this, and you'll feel good knowing the material is from the most respected name in children's magazine publishing today.

Ladybug's Bookshelf is free!

The Ladybug's Bookshelf iPad and iPhone app for kids ages 2-6 and the first story, "Three O'Clock on the Farm," are completely free. Visit the iTunes store to download Ladybug's Bookshelf right now!

ABOVE: A video showing Cricket's FREE iPad and iPhone app for kids ages 2-6, Ladybug's Bookshelf, plus some of the content packs available for purchase at the iTunes store.

Development Partner

About our development partner, Ethervision: Both Ladybug's Bookshelf kids app for iPhone and Ladybug's Ready, Set, Spot! kids app for iPad were developed in partnership with Ethervision, a leader in iPhone iPad application development which has been featured by Apple twenty times both on the front page of iTunes and in Apple Retail stores all over the world.

For more information, read the Ladybug's Bookshelf press release.

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