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MUSE Magazine for Kids ages 9-14

MUSE magazine is the science and arts magazine for kids thatís spot on with the facts, but off-kilter with the jokes. Kids who can't help wondering whether video games really kill their brain cells, or what a gentleman ladybug is called, will find the answers here, in articles written by award-winning authors and accompanied by high-quality illustration and photography. MUSE makes a perfect gift for readers who are outgrowing ASK magazine or are interested in science, history, and the arts. Explore the world in a fun way with MUSE! 

Check out our interactive sampler to see for yourself why the children's magazine Muse won a 2014 Parents' Choice Gold Award.

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 Muse Magazine Digital Edition Choose a 1 year print plus digital bundle and receive 9 print issues mailed to the young reader in your life PLUS a fully interactive, enhanced digital edition each time a print issue mails. Digital only subscriptions will allow you to access Muse on all Android and Apple tablets as well as on your computer.

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Muse Magazine is delivered 9 times per year digitally and by mail.

  • Advertising-free, insightful articles on topics from robots to mythology to rooftop beekeeping
  • Fan Mail and Letters to the Editor for readers who want to get involved in the MUSE community
  • Larry Gonick's nine New Muses who have their own comic strip and inhabit the margins of the magazine, where they comment on the articles - though sometimes they're more interested in throwing pies.
  • Article written by a reader, creativity-challenging contest, and much, much more!
MUSE Magazine Subscription for Children: Interactive Sampler Look inside.     Read reviews.     Write a review.

Check out our interactive sampler to see for yourself why the children's magazine MUSE won a 2014 Parents' Choice Gold Awards, plus many other awards!

See what other customers are saying about MUSE, the science magazine for kids ages 9 to 14, and add your comments!

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Just for Kids

Free with each paid subscription to MUSE comes access to bonus content on the magazine's companion Web site. is Muse magazine's home on the Web. Full of projects and book recommendations for readers ages 9-14 to explore, has the same quirky sense of humor as the print magazine and features active, moderated forums for readers to express their views on life, the universe, and pie-throwing.

Past issues - Muse back issues are available individually. See our favorite titles or visit the Educators' site for full selection.

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  1. Cricket Guarantee: You can transfer your subscription among any of our kids' magazines at NO COST. You can cancel at any time and request a refund for issues that haven't shipped yet by contacting 1-800-821-0115.
  2. All of our children's magazine subscriptions qualify for free shipping when being sent to a U.S. address (additional $15 for non-U.S.).
  3. You can personalize and send or print a gift card to announce your gift. We have special designs for each of our 13 children's magazines.
  4. Your first issue will arrive in 4-6 weeks. Find out more.

Kokopelli & Company in Attack of the Smart Pies

From cartoonist Larry Gonick, the creator of the New Muses who inhabit the pages of MUSE magazine and Kokonino County, comes this humorous adventure about secret messages, flute-playing tricksters, and satellite-guided smart pies.

Feather, the easily muddled Muse of Plants, is confused when he runs beak-first into young Emma. Emma, you see, is a Human, and NO HUMANS ARE ALLOWED in Kokonino County, home to Feather, Kokopelli, and the rest of the New Muses.

Emma needs the Muses to help rescue her from her wicked foster father, Mr. Drinkwater. While Feather would normally love to lend a wing, Emma has arrived during the Great Pie War, when any careless move could result in getting a giant, satellite-guided Smart Pie SMACK! in the face.

Will the war reach its messy conclusion in time for Feather to help Emma? Or will the trickster Muse Kokopelli sabotage everything?

70,000 young readers follow the adventures of Kokopelli & Company every month in MUSE magazine. Larry Gonickís fast-paced plot and hilarious drawings are sure to entertain loyal MUSE readers and win over a host of new fans for Kokopelli & Company.

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Elemensus: Periodic Table Word-Building Game

Elemensus: Periodic Table Word-Building Game

Who knew that spelling and science could have such chemistry? We do, now that weíve discovered Elemensus, a word construction game with a unique twist. As in Scrabble, players use letter tiles to form words on a board. But instead of the alphabet, the tiles show symbols from the periodic table of elements, and word scores are based on the atomic numbers of the elements. Before you know it, youíll learn the entire periodic table through osmium + molybdenum + silicon + sulfur (OsMoSiS)!

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MUSE magazine subscription for children ages 9-14 is a wonderful gift!

Normally, the first issue of a new subscription will arrive within 6-10 weeks.  Now, you can give an extra issue that will be delivered immediately.  This magazine issue is in addition to the regular subscription term.

The MUSE magazine 
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