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With a subscription to one of our 14 award-winning magazines for kids, the young reader you love gets so much more than just their mailed issues!

Each month, our editors post fresh new content to the magazines' companion web sites. Carefully designed to enhance the Cricket Magazine Group mission to nurture a love of reading and writing, stimulate a child’s imagination and intellect, and encourage creative expression, these Web sites offer a safe space for children to engage with interactive content that complements the top-quality literature and nonfiction found in our magazines.

An activity site - and a magazine - for every reader

Cricket offers 14 award-winning magazines for children from toddlers to teens across a variety of topics, so you can find the perfect fit for your children, whatever their age or interest. Our activity sites correspond to the age ranges and topics of our print magazines.

Literature magazines for children from toddlers to teens

BABYBUG magazine for babies activity sitewww.babybugmagkids.com is for parents and grandparents who subscribe to BABYBUG magazine for babies ages 0-3. “Reading Babybug with Your Child,” and “Ask Babybug,” both by child development expert Sally Nurss, M. Ed., offer suggestions and answer questions regarding reading with your child. Subscribers can also visit the BABYBUG Blog.

LADYBUG magazine for kids activity sitewww.ladybugmagkids.com is the site for subscribers to LADYBUG magazine for kids ages 3-6. Features fun and creative projects, audio recordings of songs featured in the magazine, and games to engage children’s growing logic skills. Children can also see their artwork featured in “Your Turn” or write to their favorite characters from the magazine.

SPIDER magazine for kids activity sitewww.spidermagkids.com is the site for kids who subscribe to SPIDER magazine for children ages 6-9. Here, they can listen to audio of poems and stories from the magazine, browse and share book reviews, and discover puzzles and games that will engage their language and logic skills. The site also offers kids the opportunity to enter art and writing contests and view work created by readers.

CRICKET magazine for kids activity sitewww.cricketmagkids.com, the site for CRICKET subscribers ages 9-14, encourages children to share ideas - as well as their original art, creative writing, and book recommendations - with CRICKET readers around the world in a monitored forum. Puzzles, activities, and audio recordings of stories extend the content of the printed magazine.

CICADA magazine for teens activity sitewww.cicadamag.com is the online home of CICADA magazine for teens and features The Slam, our award-winning online forum for microfiction and poetry. Designed for budding writers, www.cicadamag.com gives teens writing tips and submissions needs for CICADA. To further encourage creative expression, the site showcases interviews with each issue’s Spot Artist Extraordinaire.

Nonfiction magazines for children ages 3-14

CLICK magazine for kids activity sitewww.clickmagkids.com is for kids who subscribe to CLICK magazine for children ages 3-6. Our site features projects and games, audio recordings of stories from the magazine, and book recommendations. Children can also see their artwork and photos featured in “Your Turn” or write to Click the mouse, a beloved character from the magazine.

ASK magazine for kids activity site

www.askmagkids.com is for subscribers to ASK magazine for kids ages 6-9. Contests and book recommendations expand on each issue's theme, while Marvin and all his friends offer fun polls, games, and projects to keep children engaged and learning about their world.

MUSE magazine for kids activity sitewww.musemagkids.com is MUSE magazine's home on the Web. Full of projects and book recommendations for readers ages 9-14 to explore, www.musemagkids.com has the same quirky sense of humor as the print magazine and features active, moderated forums for readers to express their views on life, the universe, and pie-throwing.

DIG magazine for kids activity site

www.digonsite.com DIG subscribers ages 9-14 are encouraged to submit questions, their own digging experiences, and Awesome Art contributions. They can also test their Archaeology IQ with quizzes, get their "dig" questions answered by Dr. Dig - a real archaeologist! - and access a list of resources for even more archaeological fun.

ODYSSEY magazine for kids activity site
www.odysseymagazine.com lets kids who subscribe to ODYSSEY magazine for children ages 9-14 ask our resident scientist their science-related questions, check out pre-screened Web cams, try to figure out the Mystery Puzzle, and explore science news scoops.

FREE iPhone app for kids ages 2-6

Ladybugs Bookshelf free iPhone app for kids ages 2-6
LADYBUG magazine reader favorite characters Ladybug, Muddle and Thud welcome kids ages 2-6 into Ladybug’s Bookshelf, our FREE iPhone app. Kids can engage directly with fresh stories crafted with the same care and quality evident in our children’s magazines. While listening to the stories being read by a professional voice, kids will love interacting with the characters on screen and discovering hidden surprises throughout each story. At every turn, the interactive content will keep kids guessing and laughing, all the while absorbing some of the finest children’s content available.

The Cricket family tree of kids' magazines

Use our family tree of kids' magazines as a guide to choosing the perfect gift for the young readers in your life. The yellow stem holds our literature and imagination titles. The blue stem is for science and discovery, and the green stem is for history and culture. When your child begins to outgrow their current magazine subscription, follow its stem up the tree to the next branch for a similar publication at a higher reading level. Or, jump to a completely different branch for something new and different!

Family tree of kids magazines

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